e would love to host a tasting party at your home!  Invite us and we'll do the rest.  We'll come to your home with some of our most popular dishes and depending on the amount of sales, that evening, you can choose the dish you would like for free, just for having us over.  When sales exceed $250.00, you receive a percentage of the sales. It's like one of those candle parties, only tastier! 

Call (856) 626-0447 or complete our handy Tasting Party Form  and we'll contact you about the party.  We provide the hostess with samples of up to 3 different dishes of her choice! She then specifies the number of guests she wishes to invite to the event, up to 20.  As the hostess you choose the available party evening and we send you the invitations. You invite your guests.  We provide up to 3 different samples of any dish on our menu. Enough for each person in your party. Then depending on  the success of your party, you , the evening's hostess, are supplied with one large-sized complementary dish of your choice simply for hosting the party and again, depending on the success of the tasting party, you can also receive from 5% to 20% of the party's sales in cash*.   Please see incentive chart below:

Party Sales -$100.00 - $250.00  -Hostess incentive - One large or family-sized order of the entree of her choice.

                  $250.00 - $500.00 -Hostess incentives - One large or family-sized order of the entree of her choice plus 5%of that evenings Tasting Party sales.*

                  $501.00 - 900.00 -Hostess incentives - One large or family-sized order of the entree of her choice plus 10%of that evenings Tasting Party sales.* 

                  Over $901.00 -     Hostess incentives - One large or family-sized order of the entree of her choice plus 20%of that evenings Tasting Party sales.*                                       

Want us to show you how it's done?  Call and ask us about having a cooking demonstration in your home.  For an additional price we will demonstrate any dish that you order, so that you can make it yourself next time.  Unless you don't have the time, then you can always call us.  Add a demonstration to any tasting party!  You choose the dish.  If net sales for your party are over $300.00, the demonstration is free!  Call us for more information about cooking demos.

Contact Us- To order food or have a Tasting Party email us with your request at orders@la-befana.com or

Go to the Availability Calendar, Then Complete our handy Tasting Party Request Form!

Please be sure to check our calendar for available party dates before you complete the form.

*Cash incentives are distributed via check upon receipt of payments for orders received the evening of the Tasting Party. La-Befana can accept Visa, Master Card and Pay Pal orders online only.  Tasting Party orders must be paid via cash or check.  Only orders placed the evening of the party are eligible for incentives.  Please contact us with any questions.

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