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Image by FlamingText.comelcome to La-Befana! What is La-Befana you ask?  Well, it's great healthy food, fully cooked, delivered to your door!  La- Befana features a variety of excellent Italian dishes, sauces, and specialty items that are made with fresh wholesome ingredients, no preservatives, or artificial flavors, colors or  anything else.  Just real tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, aged Pecorino Romano and fresh vegetables, most locally grown!  We take real pride in our food.  We are sure you will love our food because before we cooked these dishes for you, we cooked them for the most important people to us, our families. 

We would love to have you come by our road stand in Winslow, NJ and try out some of our tasty goodness. You can order items ahead of time for parties and special events.  Ordering is safe, through our PayPal store.  Our Store also accepts most major credit cards.


We never use preservatives and everything is made fresh. Our products don't require refrigeration, and you can eat them right out of the jar, or heat them up in a microwave safe container and serve them to company! They are that good.

Love hot peppers, or anchovies, we will make items to order.



La-Befana is the Italian Santa Claus.  She is an old woman who still visits good Italian children on the feast of the Epiphany, when the 3 kings bestowed gifts upon the baby Jesus.  But when you think of La-Befana, we'd like you to think of delicious home-cooked Italian cuisine. 

Lemon Chicken Large 12 pieces  2 pieces per portion, 6 portions.............$28.95

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With/Without Capers
Eggplant Parmigana  5, 16.oz portions .............$29.95




Coconut Shrimp 24   Extra-Large Shrimp.............$22.00





Spaghetti and Meatballs
....................$9.50 per Quart Mason Jar.



Pasta Choices
Meat Choices



Meat Balls in Tomatoe Basil Sauce. $8.00 per Quart Mason Jar.




Meat Choices


Sausage and Peppers  , $9.50 per quart Mason Jar.

Sausage Type




Potatoe Gnocci in Turkey Bolognese Sauce

 ..........$9.50 per quart Mason Jar.






Delux Macaroni & Cheese $7.50 per Quart Mason Jar.







Chicken Cutlets 12 pieces  2 pieces per portion, 6 portions....$26.00




5 Cheese Lasagna with Meat Sauce 6, 16 oz portions .................$27.50

Meat Choices


Chicken Parmigana 12 pieces  2 pieces per portion 6 portions. 12..........$28.50






Stuffed Bell Peppers 9 peppers serves 9 ............$25.00


Meat Choices

Crab Cakes 10 pieces. 2 pieces per portion, 5 portions.................$29.00





Shrimp & Scallop Seafood Bisque per quart Mason Jar..........$11.50






Spicy Crab and Sweet Corn Chowder per quart Mason Jar.....$12.50






We are located in Southern New Jersey.  but we can ship anywhere. If you live near by, visit our Red Rock Road Stand located at 328 route 720, Berlin, NJ. We have fresh locally grown produce, local honey, and more!

All food is delivered with heating instructions.  Please allow at least 24 hours to process your delivery orders. Jarred foods are available immediately for pick up or delivery.




To place an order follow the directions at cart check-out.  Provide us with your street address, and phone number. Made to order products must be placed at least 24 hours ahead of time and all web site orders must be pre-paid. If you have questions please give us a call at (609) 481-8782.


Thank you for choosing La Cucina de La Befana! Bon Appetito! 




Additional Menu Items are Always being Added. 

Our foods are made with wholesome fresh ingredients follow this link to see the list of ingredients for each dish.

La-Befana Cucina!
and De La Befana are TM* c. 2007.

La Befana vien di notte
con le scarpe tutte rotte
col cappello alla romana
viva viva La Befana!

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Thank you for visiting our site.  We look forward to providing you with excellent cuisine very soon!